Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21 - Rest time

Rest… Nap time… Siesta… All of those words make me want to take a deep breath and just sigh with pleasure.  Right now, I am experiencing such pleasure.  My girls are all in their rooms, the monitor is quiet, and all is well.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, rest time is mandatory in our family if we are home.  There are times when errand running goes late, naps get overlooked, and then I just look forward to early bedtimes.  But for the most part, everyone (including my 8 year old) knows that soon after lunch, everyone will have some down time.  

Rest time is important to us for these reasons:

1. Mama needs it!!  Everyone else may say they don’t need it, but I do!  No matter what I do during this time, it is important to get a break and refresh myself to be the mom & wife I desire to be for the rest of the day.
2. Children of all ages need time to let their bodies rest.  I spent my elementary years at a boarding school and learned so much during that time.  Part of our daily schedule was resting after lunch in which we could sleep or read.  My 8 year old never sleeps now, but is allowed to read, color, or do another quiet activity.  
3. It gives opportunity to read.  Most days, I’ll read to my younger two before they lay down, but then they enjoy looking at books as well until they fall asleep.  My five year old doesn’t fall asleep as much as she used to, but she will often play quietly with her dolls until it’s time to get up.  

Tips for Rest time:

o One idea that has helped my girls when they were at the difficult age of not sleeping as much (but still restless) was to allow them to listen to books on tape, music, or Adventures in Odyssey to help the time go by.
o Be firm.  Nap time is not optional.  There have been seasons in which I have had to lay down with a child till she falls asleep.  Be consistent though.  
o Have busy boxes for children who may need something tangible to do, but can sit still.  Here are some great ideas from another mom.  "What to do when naptime ceases"

Day 21…     10 days to go…

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