Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Things that saved me in February...

February was a difficult month for many of us.  The weather was cold, school work seemed tedious, the schedule refused to stop, and sickness seems to be around every corner.  Finding things that made life a little more livable helped me to get through this season. March is now here and we are enjoying the outside with more walks, porch sitting, and open windows.  But here are just a few of the things that got me through the last couple months...


Running outside has not been an option recently due to the weather, Marty's schedule, and let's be honest, I simply haven't felt like it.  So bundled in Marty's old sweatshirt, hoodie in place, I pump a good 20 minutes out in our garage while catching up on some reading.  I just finished my second book this year, thanks to my elliptical!  Win, win!


I love almond butter!  As a vegetarian, I'm always looking for protein options and something to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Judge away if you must, but Sunday's are one of our most stressful days of the week.  Thinking of what to fix for Sunday lunch could easily send me over the edge, so discovering "Kids Eat Free" at Tijuana Flats on Sundays has helped us spend time together as a family and hang out with other families.


Getting away for just an hour or two makes such a difference in my week.  As an introvert that is surrounded by people 24/7, taking some time to refocus really helps me keep going.

There are gobs of other things that I'm loving right now... JJ Heller's newest music, feta cheese, essential oils, my Bible study on Thursday mornings, the list could go on.  

But as my small frame beside my kitchen sink constantly reminds me, I need to choose joy, whether there is feta cheese in my fridge or not, I must choose joy.  The key word is "choose."  There will always be someone who seems to have it better and others to have it worse, so instead of living the comparison trap or floating the waves of guilt, I pray to choose joy, to find the glorious in the mundane.