Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 - Getting out the door!

When I decided to take on this challenge last month, my topics evolved from my day to day struggles and areas that I found to be the most stressful.  My list grew quickly…  But I did not have today’s topic written down yet, which is very surprising since it’s something that I struggle with almost daily:  Getting out the door!!  

Before children, I was quite punctual, rarely late, and very dependable.  (I think?)  But with each child I have, I seem to get later and later.  While I know that the more people you have to get ready, the more time it should take, I can hardly put the entire blame on them.  My sweet husband says that I plan too much into too little time.  This is true.  This morning is a perfect example.  

Our goal was to meet family at the park at 11.  So, I needed to leave by 10:30 to get there on time, but then realized I needed to run by the store on the way, moving my start time to 10:15.  Before I could leave, I had planned in my mind to get all our school work accomplished (Kindergarten & 3rd grade), wash the dishes, have the girls empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, take a shower & look somewhat presentable, and fix a picnic lunch.  What I didn’t plan on was my spontaneous potty trainer deciding to give it a try this morning, the changing of clothes for my older two (again & again), and the clock moving way too fast!!  Needless to say, we did not leave by 10:15 or even 10:30, which caused me to skip the store trip and arrive to the park fashionably late with my hair in braids (because that’s the only hair-do I can accomplish at stop lights.)  My sweet family didn’t care that I was late, but I did.  The lateness wasn’t the issue.  It was heart behind being late.  I hate having to hurry my children out the door.  Half the time it really isn’t their fault that we are running late.  I know the routine.  I should know how to plan accordingly.  

One of my favorite books a few years ago is by Elizabeth George, A Woman After God’s Own Heart.  In her chapter called “A heart that creates order from chaos,” she encourages women to begin the night before.  

She lists:
- Plan the next day
- Plan the next day’s meals
- Select, lay out, and prepare clothes
- Clean up the kitchen
- Run the dishwasher
- Set the table for the next meal
- Tidy up the house
- Put things you need to take with you by the door

If only I would do this!!  I finally made a list for Monday’s called Monday Morning Musts.  I was getting myself in such a tizzy trying to get to our homeschool group, but after using this list for the past few weeks I’m actually getting there on time (not early yet), but more importantly, my girls have a calmer mother on the ride there rather than Cruella Deville.  

Any more suggestions?  I would gladly welcome them.

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