Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 - Savor each season

Today I was supposed to write about finances and the stress that can bring to a family.  But I really don’t feel like writing about that.  Instead I want to share some pictures of our day, and savor the memories of the season, for sometimes it’s simply enjoying the fun moments of a family that bring the most sanity.  We were probably crazy to attempt the State Fair & the pumpkin patch in one day, but we did it anyway, and it would have been picture perfect if were not for my boots.  Fashion hurts!  It’s pretty sad that by lunch time I’m drooling over every pair of tennis shoes, flip flops, and Tom’s (even though I’ve never even tried them.)  Lessons learned…  

I learned today that maple cotton candy is better than honey cotton candy.  I learned that my middle child is fearless on rides, but will not milk a cow.  I learned that if tired enough my little one will fall asleep strolling through the midway full of rides.  I learned that after a day full of rides, food, and cow milking, my oldest finds her excitement in running in the rain through a pumpkin patch.

Savor each season… Day 18.


  1. Your girls are so beautiful! No doubt where they get it from. :)

    1. Anna, you are so sweet! I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures too.