Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7 - The Mundane

The picture last night was taken on our first day of school. This is what our classroom looks like at this very moment.  I know...  It will look a little better by the morning.  The tables will at least be cleared enough to work on or we might just move to the kitchen table.  But anything that is said or shown on this blog needs to be real. So, this is a glimpse of the real and mundane side of homeschooling.

Homeschooling can become very mundane just as any occupation can be.  The daily list of subjects to cover, slow progress at times, and few results.  It is easy to become discouraged.  The mundane can cloud the vision and the glorious seems too far away.  

"When you are caught up in the mundane of everyday, seek to turn your heart toward joy, and celebrate the goodness that God brings into all parts of life.  When you are tempted to despair or give up on your ideals, choose to engage your heart in God's grace, which extends far beyond your own reach.  When you are exasperated by your children, seek to love them and see the potential in them, knowing that in whomever God begins a work, He will be faithful to complete it in His time." - Sally Clarkson


Today was mundane.  Even with having co-op this morning and a trip to Trader Joe's in the rain, I still had this blanket of humdrum hanging over me.  This is one reason why photography can be so eye opening to me.  As I snap away, counting gifts as I go, the simple game on the iPad and the coupon cutting seem a little less dull.  Writing verses on kindness (again!) were softened by hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Exasperation and frustration wanted to be on the forefront of my mind today, yet by His grace, there were moments of joy and there will be tomorrow too.

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