Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 - Learning Resources

One of the questions most asked of homeschooling is what curriculum do you use?  (And are they getting enough socialization?  I won't get on that soap box today.)  For our family, this has been a yearly question.  As I mentioned yesterday, one curriculum may work for one child, but not for another.  One may be sufficient for the early grades, but not not for the older elementary grades.  All that to say, these learning resources are working for our family for the time being.  They are not for everyone.  There is so much to choose from and it's easy to doubt or second-guess myself, but for the time being we are content with the curriculum we are doing for this year.  

Chloe - 4th Grade
- Sonlight American History II (Read-alouds - read by mom, readers - read by Chloe on her own, other history books that flow with the read-alouds & readers)
- Spelling Power - She takes a new test each day and reviews any she missed the day before.
- Easy Grammar & Daily Grams - covers the different aspects of grammar with lots of practice (something we need!)
- Teaching Textbooks for Math - all on the computer, tutorials, practice problems, and a gradebook!

Naomi - 1st Grade
- Sonlight American History II with Chloe (listens to the history books and read-alouds)
- Handwriting without Tears - Print
- Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (bought used, but new to us this year, so far so good)
- I Can Read It! readers from Sonlight (reading & spelling)
- Apologia Astronomy Science (same textbook as Chloe, but easier journal covering the same topics)

Sophie - Preschool of sorts...
- I'll address how Sophie fits into the picture on a later post.

Geography - 
We are using Confessions of Homeschooler's, Road Trip USA Geography and History  to learn our 50 states this year.  We are off to a slow start. But I'm only planning on covering two states a week.  I hope to start on the presidents after that, possibly going into the summer.  

Bible - 
We spend time most mornings after breakfast reviewing the story covered the previous Sunday at church, working on the monthly verse for their Life Groups, the GA verses, and trying to go through our family ABC verses.  I am praying about adding more of a Bible study to this time.  

I may have missed a few things, but this is the majority.  Do we ever accomplish everything?  Maybe once or twice (a month...).  Do we strive to cover it all?  For sure!  If the unexpected happens (spontaneous field trip, natural disaster on the news, newsletter from a missionary), the plans for the day may change, but that's part of the joy of homeschooling!

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