Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 22 (a day late) - Frolicking in the Autumn Festivities


2155. pumpkin picking with my girls
2156. "That's yucky!" over & over by my three year old and her baby doll, Yuko
2157. pumpkins large enough to sit on
2158. the search for the perfect one
2159. a quiet rain to help wash away the harsh words and furrowed brows
2160. my hubbie close by to bring keys after discovering I had grabbed the wrong ones

2161. cutting open pumpkins with the To-Do list growing long
2163.  pulp and goop reminding me of my inner feeling at times
2164.  cleaning, drying, and baking of seeds 

2167. Maple syrup cotton candy, pickles, & buttery corn on the cob
2168. watching my oldest milk a cow like a pro
2169. riding the "horsies up and down" with my Sophie
2170. the emotional ride of the ferris wheel with all my girls
2171. learning about NC culture through the people, the mill, and the animals
2172.  watching my sweet husband as he rode rides, held hands, and shared his food with our girls 

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