Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1 - A Typical Tuesday

Today was a typical Tuesday.  I finally got out of bed after hitting snooze exactly four times.  Snuggled under my blanket for 15 minutes in the Word before heading downstairs to exercise for another 15.  I was visited only once by my girlies during this time, which is pretty good for them.  While I showered, Chloe conducted her own personal ballet class with her sisters including all five positions of the feet.  This actually ended quite well, surprisingly.

For breakfast, green smoothies and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (from friends).  It's all about balance!  The oldest two downed their doughnuts, while the youngest drank double the amount of green smoothie and only two bites of her doughnut.  Needless to say, her sisters were happy to oblige.

Once again the two older ones managed to sneak away from their chores by going outside to "help" daddy.  "Help" involved riding the Barbie Jeep in circles to help flatten out the dew.  I know...  Meanwhile, little miss worked diligently on her Lego house.  At least, I think that's what it was.  

Without even realizing they were back inside, I stumbled upon the older ones reading intently on Chloe's floor.  (This picture was not staged, I promise!)  I had mixed feelings about making them head to the school room to begin our actual school day, but we all made it there by 9:30, which is honestly pretty good for us.  Checked off our pledges & calendar time with the younger two, while Chloe sat Asian style on the floor to do her math on the laptop. 

ABC's are still a challenge for my Sophie, but she's 3!  She'll learn them when she's ready.  To help with that, she played Hide & Seek in her rocks with a few letters that she sometimes recognizes.

Now, look closely at the picture below...  We love the game I Spy and Sophie seems to think I like playing without her telling me.  Notice what's in the dryer handle.  A thermometer.  Last week, it was a mechanical pencil.  One week, I couldn't find my calculator for days.  I caught her once hiding our Wii remote (which is vital for watching Netflix!) under my reusable grocery bags.

Breaks are important for us Middleton girls.  Whether it's just emptying the dishwasher or taking a few laps around the backyard before lunch, getting a breather is a necessity for all of us.  Lunch is always a time of rest for me with Adventures in Odyssey to entertain my girls and reading/rest time to follow.  

Now before anyone thinks we're just a bunch of Susie Homemakers, our hand knitting and crocheting did not go as pretty as the pictures make it seem.  Chloe had already read a good bit today and after her dozen or two games on the iPad, I suggested we try our hand at knitting or crocheting.  We YouTubed tutorials on how to knit, but I couldn't remember for the life of me how to do it.  I haven't been able to cast off in years anyway.  So, crocheting it was and she actually did pretty well.  Her first piece was transformed into an American Doll purse due to the inward progression of her stitches.  I started a hand knitting sample for Naomi before she woke up, so she would have something to work on too.  It went pretty well... Then she started piece #2, not so good, at least the attitude wasn't.  Sophie just enjoyed unraveling my yarn and claiming it was just too hard to roll back up.  Typical...

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