Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 - Friends

It's true.  Life is better with friends, true friends.  

Friends who understand you, who pray for you, who have walked through life with you.  

I was blessed to be with one of my dearest friends today.  Who knew when we met on our dead-end street in the little town of Richfield, North Carolina that we would still be friends over ten years later.  Children have come, houses have changed, and jobs have moved us in different directions, but the friendship is still there.  

We rarely talk on the phone, but it's not necessary.  We text randomly and Facebook longer messages when we need to talk.  But I know that if I ever need someone to pray for me, she would in a heartbeat and she'd understand too.  We both started homeschooling our girls the same year with similar philosophies.  As we have each added more children to our families, we've continued on.  

This friend has inspired me in more ways that she'll ever know.  She was the one who let me borrow that book on motherhood so many years ago that encouraged me to go in the direction I am today.  So, life is better with friends, no matter what stage or area of life you are in.

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