Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16 - Coffee & Rest

"In a culture where busyness is fetish and stillness is laziness, rest is slothful.  But without rest, we miss the rest of God:  the rest He invites us to enter more fully so that we might know Him more deeply.  'Be still and know that I am God...'  Sabbath is both a day and an attitude to nurture such stillness.  It is both time on a calendar and a disposition of the heart.  It is a day we enter, but just as much a way we see." - Mark Buchanan

Three and half years ago, I gave birth to my sweet baby girl #3.  I loved being a mommy to girls.  I loved homeschooling and training our girls at home.  But I slowly felt myself becoming depleted.  I was giving all of my energy to these sweet girls, trying to support my husband in his ministry, mentoring high school girls each Sunday, yet not finding some time to rest and refill.  

With the support of my husband, I began to take one morning a week to slip away in the early morning hours to a local coffee shop for some time of rest.  To be able to slowly sip on my coffee, enjoy a tasty treat, pop in my ear buds, and have uninterrupted time to read my Bible and devotional became a time of Sabbath for me.  As a homeschool/stay-at-home mom, this time away became balm to my frazzled soul.  



Getting away once a week may not be possible for every mom.  It doesn't always happen here.  As a introvert, I crave alone time.  I love being with people and sharing conversations, but it exhausts me over time.  

"We have great freedom to live within the confines of our own personalities.  The more we learn to accept our own limitations, and the limitations and vulnerabilities of our children, the more able we will be to give to our children from our strengths, rather than our weaknesses." - Sally Clarkson  

For some, going for a run or sitting on your back porch may be just as pleasurable and restful.  For others, just lighting a candle during rest time and devoting that hour or so to just focus on the Lord, plan for the upcoming week, and pray over your family may be all you're able to do at this point.  But I do encourage moms (working, stay-at-home, homeschool) to make time to rest, not just surfing Pinterest (that I am guilty of doing), 

- but making that time of respite count for something, 

- make it beneficial for your family, 

- be a better mom and wife because you took that time to refocus. 

"There is a desperate need for us to hit pause, sit with God, and ask Him to reveal some things to us...  The Sabbath isn't just a time to be observed; it's a time to be preserved.  The observer remembers to rest.  The preserver rests to remember - remember that it's all about God." - Lysa Terkeurst

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