Thursday, January 30, 2014

A North Carolina Snow...

Having grown up in a part of the world where snow could begin as early as October and last through April, the excitement of white flakes never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  The rumors of 5-7 inches caused the usual hustle and bustle of bread & milk buying, searching for snow gear, and constant peeking through windows for the tiny flakes to appear.  We were not disappointed!  A few flakes appeared around sunset with more accumulating by the hour.  It was the powdery kind, not snowman or snowball worthy, but great for sledding and pure fun! 

The morning greeted us with a blanket of white goodness, perfect for snow cream (compliments of Daddy!) and warm cinnamon rolls (one of my new recipes of the month - check!)  

The morning encompassed sledding, tubing, and more sledding.  We love our neighborhood more and more, watching the kids share sleds and dads helping push whoever's next in line.

Someone wanted to imitate big sister, but found the experience quite unpleasant.  

Even little missy got in on the sledding fun!

The backyard was tackled after a quick lunch.  We all worked together to make a fort since a snowman seemed a little too difficult.  I even put down the camera for a bit to work up a little sweat in delivering arm loads of snow.  Snow fluff fights, sliding on our playset, and just enjoying every minute possible was our main goal for the day.  Snow days in North Carolina are days like no other.  Schedule and routine go out the window while family, fun, & food monopolize the hours instead.

Snow days with these three are always worth it (even with the laundry that comes later...)

The evening ended well with chili and corn chips followed by singing worship songs with daddy on the guitar.  I could truly sing "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, oh my soul.  Worship His holy name.  Sing like never before, oh my soul.  I'll worship Your holy name."


  1. Amy, your love for snow was likely born in northern Japan where we had only two seasons, winter and August! Tunnels through 10-foot snow drifts, forts for snowball fights, a frozen basketball court for ice skating, skis dangling from the lift, downhill rides on plastic shovels, lost mittens, peering through frosted panes at the new morning snow ... these are but memories tucked way, pulled forward to enjoy and then placed back for safe keeping. Oh, how we wish we could have captured those moments on film - as you have for all to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your snow day and storing them for your grandchildren to relish for generations to come! Stay warm. We love you!

    1. Daddy, your gift for words never ceases to amaze me! All those memories came flooding back. Thank you for the gift you and mom gave us girls to live in such an incredible part of the world! I am so grateful for my childhood! Love you!