Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's all God...

It's been a God week.  Honestly, this month has been a roller coaster of emotions and stress, yet each morning, as I open my devotional and Bible, it is exactly what I need to hear.  Some mornings, it may be a specific scripture that, as I rewrite it in my journal, comes alive to where I am in that moment.  The word "trust" has appeared day after day reminding me of His promise to me this year.  Even the prayer calendar for my husband has been so specific to his needs this week, that sometimes I'm left dumbfounded.  

On Tuesday, when my emotions left me nothing left to give, I made a last minute decision to go through the drive-thru at Starbucks. But as I drove up to the window to scan my card, the lady in black and green informed me that my coffee had been paid for by someone else. My quivering voice said thank you, I grasped my precious coffee, and let the tears flows under my sunglasses.  It was a God moment. 

If you have a few minutes, listen to this song by Jen Stanbro - God Day - Amazing way to start the day!

Click here for the two prayer calendars I use as well, thanks to Kat Lee at Inspired to Action.

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