Saturday, January 11, 2014

January's Simple Five

Every year, I feel as though I fail miserably at meeting my goals, accomplishing my resolutions, reading my list of books desired...  Honestly, I'm not sure how to overcome that feeling of failure, except to try something different.  More simple, yet more detailed...  That seems contradictory.  We'll see...

I found this great printable for 2014 goals that I find to be attainable, yet different from the norm.  Marty and I discussed these in the car one day and I still need to write them down and slowly check them off throughout the year.  

Meanwhile, I'm going to try for some simple goals each month.  (Some months, it may not even happen.  Leaving some space for grace.) 

January's Simple Five:
1. Organize our school room.
2. Finish A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot (great book, but it's a doozy!)
3. Find and try 2 new, healthy recipes.
4. Run up to 3 miles again.
5. Devotions daily with my girls.

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