Friday, March 15, 2013

Confessions Part 2...

11.  iPhones & iPads are mommy-sanity-savers that can be easily overused...

12.  I've restarted the dryer three times in one day... the same load.  (Yes, I know how much electricity it uses).

13.  I've restarted the dryer without anything in it.  (I know...)

14.  I sometimes use the bathroom when it's really not necessary, sooooo I can browse on Pinterest.

15.  I can't exercise more than 15 minutes without having a bathroom break.  (or jump on the trampoline...)

16.  No matter what form of exercise I do, birthing hips are here to stay.

17.  I detest exercising!

18.  Reading a "real" book is now a luxury that puts me to sleep. (sigh...)

19.  There is no such thing as a flattering mirror in a Goodwill dressing room.

20.  I have discovered at least a half a dozen grey hairs around my forehead, of which I have promptly plucked (and changed my hair style.)

21.  Don't tell... but I put my make-up on in my van more than I do at home.  (I'm really trying to change this confession!)

22.  Whoever invented car-shaped shopping buggies and "little" buggies could not possibly have children... (or they must have incredible muscles and the patience of a saint.)

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