Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Simple Valentine

Today was a simple Valentine's day, not by my choice, but more from forgetfulness.  In the past, I've had professional Valentine pictures taken of the girls, made homemade cards, breakfast, lunch, & supper centered around hearts & pink... the list could go on and on.  

Maybe it's having three kids now, maybe it's because I'm 32.  But anyway, today was a more simple Valentine.  For breakfast, the girls ate Valentine cookies that they made last night.  For gifts, I only remembered to get them books they might enjoy, red valentine cups, and heart marshmallows.  After my initial disappointment in myself this morning, I was able to sit back and smile at the girls excitement of heart marshmallows in hot chocolate and the vegan cheesy grits that my sweet husband made me.

My sweet Valentines

A Valentine on the run

Could just squeeze her cheeks

Valentine morning...

One of the highlights of the day though was when my sweet Chloe danced with her ballet class at a nearby retirement home.  Watching her give out the bookmarks that she and Naomi made was priceless.

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