Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tea Party Time!

January 17th - My big girl, Chloe, making scrambled eggs all by herself.  She even cracked the eggs!

My sleepy Naomi waiting for breakfast to be served.


January 18th - Art Class?

Sophie, Naomi, and I stayed home from church Wednesday night because Naomi wasn't quite up to par, but a tea party on the kitchen floor helped make things a little better.  
(Notice the pinky... a girl after her mama's heart!)

January 19th - The only picture I took all day - my sweet husband working hard on his beloved Mac.

January 20th - My heart swells in moments like these.  Watching Marty with Sophie on the floor was priceless.  (She's getting pretty good at her puzzles.)

January 21st - Tea Party time again!  Can you tell Naomi likes tea parties?  This was her idea of Saturday morning pleasure.  Needless to say, more water ended up on the floor than in the tea cups (thanks to Sophie!) and Naomi kept running to the bathroom due to all the cups of water she had to drink since Cookie Monster and Suzie, the cabbage patch kid, refused to drink their tea.  What party poopers!

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