Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh, where is my bead?

Oh, where is my bead?  Oh, where is my bead? (The song of Larry the Cucumber losing his hairbrush kept running through my head the whole afternoon.)  Well, after being shown this lovely bead during rest time, I thought nothing more...until.... Chloe mentioned that Naomi had been complaining of her nose hurting and one nostril was running profusely.  By God's intervention, the remembrance of that lone green bead came to my mind.  I asked Naomi where it was and she said, "I don't know.  I lost it."  The look on her face told me otherwise and she finally confessed to putting in her nose.  After some blowing of the nose, phone calls to the doctor, and Chloe confessing that she put her finger up Naomi's nose to try to "help" get it out, we headed out to the ENT for some additional help.  Naomi was so brave through it all and with a few tears, the bead was removed safely.  We now all know that anything smaller than an elbow should not be put inside of our nose.

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