Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What happened in March, and what's left of April...

What happened in March...

(Better late than never seems to be my motto these days... late to church, late nights, late waking up, late blogging...)

- Concerning my March goals, not much happened.  Getting to bed at a decent hour is still a work in progress.  I finished Notes from a Blue Bike with a friend (great read!)  I'm on chapter 3 of Love & Respect, which is a great book, but it's a struggle to force myself to read for pleasure when I've already spent time reading aloud to the girls (not to mention I fall asleep every time I lay down to read.)  I may have read a chapter of The Happiness Project before it was due back at the library (I even tried to renew it!).  Oh well!

- All of our plane tickets are ordered and our lodging arranged.  The countdown has officially begun!  The girls have worked so hard making sea glass earrings and jars, cake pops and lemonade.  It's been special to see them give so willingly and be able to say they paid for our train passes (Naomi earned enough for hers and Chloe will be able to pay for the rest of ours, plus money for some activities while there).

- 40 bags in 40 days was such a nice thought...  We may have decrapified 10-15 bags, but let's be honest... purging is hard.  If nothing else, I was encouraged by a friend who read about it and actually did it!  Setting goals is not in vain.

- We got to celebrate two birthdays in March, my sweet husband and our littlest girlie.  Both celebrations were low key, but special.  No regrets on this goal.  




What's left in April...

- Really do the envelope system this month with our budget.  Even though, we're well into April, it's not too late.  I need to remember that every penny saved could be put towards our trip.

- Re-discover my love for getting outside, especially my morning runs.  I forget how fresh air and getting those endorphin's going is so vital to starting (or continuing) my day on the right foot. 

- Read more of Love & Respect (a perspective of marriage that is foreign to our culture and even in our churches), read Own Your Life, and who knows what else...


- Finish this school year well!  Our writing class is wrapping up this month, ballet recital practices are in full swing, and some intense language study needs to happen before next month!

- Buy train passes, rash guards for the girls, and start packing!!! 

- Reach out to others through opening up our home, sending encouraging notes, or even a simple phone call or text.  

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