Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer at the door...

Summer is on our door step.  School books almost complete.  The fever for the pool is high, and little bottoms are having a hard time sitting still.  My sweet girls and I are ready for a break!  This summer will be a little different as it usually is in youth ministry.  Our mission trip to Ecuador, special times with Papa & Nana, Daddy gone to Nashville for a week, a big family vacation in September makes this summer full already. Another school year will be here again before we know it!

As much as I want to laze around every morning and my girls just want to go to the pool every day, I know it will eventually get old and the "b" word (bored) will be heard.  The television could become a frequent babysitter and the summer will be gone.  Last summer I wrote about our summer plans and it turned out to be a great summer.  We didn't accomplish all of our list by any means.  Some of the ideas flopped (crayon melting didn't work for us).  I never found licorice strings to practice our ABC's.  The excuses could go on, but the list isn't what mattered.  What matters is that we had a fun-filled summer, we tried new things, we embraced old summer traditions, and we kept boredom at bay while yet not running around crazy.  

Like a mama bird, I want to provide for my girls another summer they will never forget, that has purpose, yet is full of rest (my greatest desire!).  For me personally, this can't be done spontaneously.  I have to have a plan.  (Notice I'm not saying this is for everyone though.)  Our list framework is based on Remarkable Home's Super Summer Schedule idea (free printable!) I've gleaned from a bunch of brilliantly creative moms through pinterest, blogs, friends, and our old summer favorites that we've enjoyed over the summers.

M- Make Something Mondays

T- Take a Trip Tuesdays

W- Wet & Wild Wednesdays

Th- Thinking Thursday

F- Fresh & Fun Fridays
  • Go fishing with Daddy
  • Camping (backyard or elsewhere?)
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Teddy bear picnic
  • Learn magic tricks & do a magic show
  • Visit friends with chickens (Stephanie?)

Other fun ideas:
  • PJ run to Sonic after bedtime (listen to this great podcast on this)
  • Mani-pedicures at home
  • Summer time pictures of each girl (fun for mommy)
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Visit cousins

I'll go ahead and be real by saying we will not get to accomplish all of these ideas.  The girls may not even want to do some of them, but that's ok because we'll sure have fun trying!

More great ideas from other bloggers:

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