Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tired Mama Kind of Year....

Seven more days... That's one week.  Well, really one more school week and two days.  Then, we'll officially have a rising fourth grader, first grader, and very busy preschooler in our little home school.  It's been a good year, a long year, and a tired-mama kind of year.  

We have yet to receive Chloe's test results (for school), but I'm slowly learning that we are not homeschooling just for the academics.  Developing a love for learning, a love for each other, and a passion for God are the greatest desires we have for our girls. This is my biggest challenge.  Lesson plans get tedious, the constant questions from three very different minds can cause the gray to appear, but to hear my struggling kindergartener read and say she loves to read makes it worth it all!  

I am tired.  Honestly, I'm ready to wrap up the books and call it a year.  I am ready for a break.  But we have to finish... and finish well!  Our pool is open and the parks are calling to us, but who says we can't take our books to the park or swim after the lessons are completed.  Another school year is almost finished by God's grace!  I do not have the patience of Job (ask my girls) and my momentum wains quickly (ask my husband).  So once again, it is truly and only God's grace and His strength that has gotten us through another year of homeschooling.  

May your week have moments of bare feet and the thrill of throwing rocks in a pond just because you can.  May you choose what you'll regret the least.  May you do less to accomplish more. May you finish well to the end.

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