Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Grace...

Naomi decorating her tree

Over this past year, "Grace" has been the theme of many of the books I've been reading.  This has not been intentional, but yet is not a coincidence either.  Grace is more than a small prayer before meals. W.E. Vine defines grace as "the divine quality of goodwill, friendliness, favorable regard, and extravagant loving kindness."  In my devotional this morning, the author, Selwyn Hughes describes grace as "the strength God gives us to live as His Son lived when He was here upon the earth."  

So, as I sit on the eve of December 1, when the hustle and bustle really begins, I pray for grace:  

 - grace for myself to not become overwhelmed by my expectations of what Christmas should or shouldn't be, 

 - grace for the times of rushing and running late, 

 - grace for my children that they will see in me such extravagant loving kindness.

Sophie indulging in the first of the Peppermint Joe Joe's

Chloe's turn to put the star on the tree

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