Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For the Dads... especially our guy!

In the homeschool circle, it's easy to focus on the kids or the mom who seems to run the show, but we sometimes forget to notice the guy behind the scenes: the dad.  We forget how hard he has to work in order for us to enjoy this privilege of teaching our children at home.  Instead of noticing all the things he's not doing, let's praise and focus on all the ways he's an amazing dad and husband!

So, on this Valentines day, we (our girls and I) say Thank you!  

- for giving in silent, sometimes unnoticed ways so we can pursue the path God has called our family to take.

- for supporting me as their teacher without question, yet holding me accountable when I doubt.

- for desiring most of all to train our girls in God's word.  

- for cultivating a love of the world, both geographically and spiritually.

21 Valentine's later... our love is sweeter, our commitment to each other more strong, and our selfies crazier than ever. May we continue to love adventuring, learning, and growing alongside each other more and more everyday!

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