Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back to School

Back to school...  We've been back in the groove of homeschooling for over a month now.  Honestly, we're still trying to find our groove. Even though this is our eighth official year of homeschooling (not including "preschool"), we are still working on our schedule, determining the right curriculum in certain subjects for each individual girl, and looking forward to having a real schoolroom again.  

Our littlest is now in 1st grade!  Where has the time gone? She loves to read, has an official science notebook like her sisters, and has already memorized two poems.  She loves her classes at our homeschool co-op!  

Our little middle is now in 4th grade!  Time really does fly! She loves to write in her journal, draw, and is fully embracing her cooking classes at our local community center.  She took classes through the summer and is eagerly awaiting her upcoming ones this fall.  She too loves her co-op classes (writing and studying the wild west).

7th grade?  Now I'm starting to cry.  Our oldest is doing a lot of her school work on her own now.  Pre-algebra is on the computer (thanks to Teaching Textbooks!) and she diligently works through her grammar, spelling, and writing homework on her own.  My only challenge is keeping up with her supply of books from the library.

We are looking forward to embracing our beautiful yard in the upcoming fall months using nature notebooks and spending much of our school days outside.  Bike riding and now training for a 5k are part of our PE regiment!

I have to confess that this year scares me more than before due to teaching three grades.  Last year included kindergarten, which I probably didn't take as seriously as I should have, partly due to moving at the beginning of our school year.  Our principal (aka Daddy) has been working hard over the summer to finish our school room above our garage.  We are eager to move our books from the dining room to a space designated for our home education!

Field trippin' is such a special part of homeschooling.  Even a quick trip to the beach can be such a learning experience! We have a few field trips on the back burner, and our girls could not be better travel companions!  They put up with their crazy picture-taking mama and love being anywhere with their daddy!  Our girls are a gift that I too often take for granted.  They bring so much joy to our lives, and I truly consider it a privilege to not only be their mama, but also their teacher. 

"Teaching our children should not be so much about academic goals being reached as it is about the people they are becoming in the process." - a fellow homeschool mom

More blog posts to follow concerning our curriculum, personality types, what's inspiring me, homeschool dads, and busyness.

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