Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reflections on the move

(Wrote this a month ago...)

It's been over a week now since we've moved in and it still feels like we just started.  The house is a mess, the garage is full of boxes, need to sell more things, clean more things, the rain... the list could go on.  

Here are some reflections that I jotted down while knee deep in packing and now unpacking:

- You know you're tired when you reheat the same beans three days in a row for lunch, only to finally throw them away.
- Finding balance in washing the clothes, packing the clothes, and selling your washer and dryer.  It all gets done.
- Little piles everywhere because all the bookcases and end tables are either packed in a pod or sold.
- Just accepting sickness when it comes, even if it messes up your free childcare plans, thus experiencing mommy guilt no matter what.
- Saying goodbye to neighbors never gets easier, especially when one of them is 83 and adores our girls more than anything.
- Packing 5 boxes a night sounded like a good idea...
- Never again!!! (what I kept saying the last day, along with song, "I am overwhelmed...")
- Sometimes it seemed as though our stuff was giving birth.  We'd come upstairs and there would be more than before!

After a few days being in the house, I was experiencing a combination of weariness due to lack of sleep, seasonal depression since it has rained every day since moving in, maybe a little buyers remorse, and just downright discouragement.  So after breakfast the girls and I sat down and gave thanks because when gratitude is present, it's harder to complain.  

Here's just a portion of our list:
- big, fenced in backyard
- a beautiful patio
- new washing machine and dryer
- wood floors downstairs
- fun bedrooms
- 2 stories with the main living area downstairs
- a big kitchen
- quiet and safe neighborhood
- a long driveway
- fireplace
- nice neighbors
- trees in the backyard (and lots of leaves = good upper body workout for mommy)
- close to Porter Farms
- big back and front porches
- storm doors so Samson can look outside 

We are blessed!  So very thankful for God's many provisions!

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