Sunday, May 10, 2015

Teaching the Next Generation...

One of my greatest pleasures (& stressors!) is listening to my husband preach.  The other Sunday he taught from Psalm 78 (listen to the podcast here) encouraging us to teach our children to trust in the Lord and to remind the next generation of all that God has done.  It was a psalm and a lesson of instruction.  As Marty said, it's easy for us to look down upon the Israelites for so quickly forgetting all that God did as He saved them time and time again.  Yet how often do I forget to remind my girls of all that God has done in our lives!  How He provided jobs for us when He called us to seminary ten years ago, how He sold our townhouse in the very last week before we moved closer to the church (only God!), how He blessed us with our current house surrounded by such great neighbors, the list could go on...  Yet how quickly I forget...

In order to teach the next generation, we need to encourage them to get in the Word and to lead by example.  There are some seasons in which this is easier said than done.  But that's one of the joys of being a follower of Christ!  Our mistakes, mess-ups, and successes are not the end result.  We get to daily seek the Lord for guidance.  It's often through our mistakes and asking for forgiveness that our children see an authenticity in us, and not a perfect, unapproachable parent whom they can never talk with.

Here are some great resources for kids:

Here are some blog posts with lots of resources:


God's word to music is an amazing tool for instilling His truth into our children.  I still remember so many verses from my childhood because they were put to music.  "Rejoice in the Lord always..." "This is the day..."

Here are some great resources for scripture to music:
 - God's Word: A to Z  (My girls have most of these memorized.)
 - Seeds of Worship  (We haven't invested in these yet, but I've only heard wonderful things about these albums.)
 - Hide 'Em in Your Heart with Steve Green  (Songs from my childhood, but still perfect for young children today.)

Ultimately, we need to pray over our children.  Marty spoke on this today.  We need to pray scripture over them.  Pray for their protection.  Pray for their salvation and daily moments with our Lord.  Pray that they may grow in His grace.  To read more about how to pray over our children and to find a great resource that Marty gave to our congregation this morning,  click here.  

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