Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grace Goals for February...

January flew by in a blur.  Sweet memories with my mama, time away, and restarting school with renewed fervor.  Even though I'm still not implementing "early to bed, early to rise" quite yet, and a mornings are not as disciplined as I'd like, I'm thankful for a brand new month to start all over and try again.  

Recapping January Goals... 

1.  Try and implement a new daily schedule - Failed.  Schedule written out, but hardly implemented... New month, keep trying.
2.  Finish The Best Yes and read more of Notes from a Blue Bike (working on my "words") - Over halfway through both of these and sincerely loving the content of each.  Perfect for this time in my life.
3.  Fill out the paperwork and get pictures taken for passports - Appointment made!
4.  Declutter our storage area Purged a lot of girl clothes, gave some away, but much more needs to go!
5.  Order a photobook of 2014 Instagram photos. I ordered it from Shutterfly (thanks to a $20 off coupon) and wish that I could have made it hardback, but also couldn't justify the cost right now.  It has the majority of my Instagram pictures from 2014 and we've enjoyed it so much already.  As much I'd love to scrapbook again, this will do for now.

6.  Love the people in my life and show it through my words - Not perfect by any means, but as said before, an ongoing goal and desire.


Grace Goals for February...

1.  More disciplined mornings.  Shower before breakfast. (Don't laugh...)
2.  Finish The Best Yes and Notes from a Blue Bike, and try to start Love and Respect.  (I want to read more books on marriage this year and what a better month to start!)
3.  Begin the process of getting our tickets to Japan.  I'm honestly getting giddy in the knees over the thought of this.  Japan holds such a large piece of my heart and I can't wait to show my girls and Marty more of my childhood.
4.  Eliminate 5 unnecessary piles around our home.  Donate, give away, purge!!!
5.  Focus on loving, encouraging, and supporting Marty more than ever.  Notes, gifts, etc are nice, but over the years I've found that the best gift I can give him is a peaceful wife and home.  When I am stressed, it only adds to the stress in his life.  
6.  Read aloud with my girls on a daily basis. This is one of my favorite things to do, yet days will go by and it doesn't find its place in our schedule.

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