Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Halfway Goals for January...

It's almost the middle of January, which may seem too late to set goals for the month.  But better late than never...  Laying out goals often seems like I'm setting myself up for failure, which may be true to some degree.  But in writing them down, there comes a form of accountability and a challenge to complete something, anything!  So these goals are nothing spectacular, just simply areas of my life that I hope to tweak throughout the year.

January Goals

1.  Try and implement a new daily schedule (not exactly sure the details yet...)
2.  Finish The Best Yes and read more of Notes from a Blue Bike (working on my "words")
3.  Fill out the paperwork and get pictures taken for passports (#operationokinawa - more info to come)
4.  Declutter our storage area (I must purge!! Girl clothes, school stuff, etc overflow from every crevice of our home. Starting with the storage area this month.)
5.  Order a photobook of 2014 Instagram photos. (I took more pictures with my phone this year and it's the everyday pictures that I cherish the most.  I'll share how it turned out.)
6.  Love the people in my life and show it through my words (an ongoing goal...)

"Now is the blessing.
Now is the time to love.
Now is the time to be."
by Eileen Spinelli in Now It is Winter

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