Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Focusing on Freedom

July is usually one of my least favorite months of the year due to the intense heat of the south and the absurd amount of insects attacking my face.  My focus on what is important can so quickly grow dim, while the thorns and worries of life seem to stare me in the face.  Even with those distractions, this month has begun with rest in my soul and a desire for freedom from the thoughts that fill my mind with anxiety.  

The summer months resonate with community coming together. Friends and neighbors keeping it simple with lawn chairs, popcorn, and a last minute movie in the back yard.

Family becomes more precious.  Spending time with my nephews and niece has become more intentional knowing that our family will spread even farther in the near future. Even short phone calls with my sisters seem more precious.

Glancing back on Independence day causes me to breathe deeply, longing for more days like it.  When one side of me wanted to fill the day with plans and people, God gave me such peace in reminding me of the people He has put right in front of me:  my sweet little family.  That day in which we remember the freedom given to us years ago, also brought freedom to my soul, allowing me to choose to rest, to choose the simple, and to choose my family above the busyness that seemed enticing.  

A relaxed breakfast with one of my sister's and our families, weeding the front flower bed, baking a blackberry cobbler, turning off the social media and lounging in the backyard pool, Friday night movie and pizza...  All of those things gave such freedom, freedom to rest and give thanks for the blessings God's placed right in front of me. 

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