Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hope when you're hurting...

This past Tuesday, my parents said yes again...  They said yes when God said "Go."  They traveled half way around the world to a place that I have once called home.  They sold their home, their cars, gave away most of their belongings, and made one of the hardest decisions of their lives to once again obey the call.  My little family was privileged to spend their last week and half with them. Just a little glimpse of our time together...

There were games of Go Fish, Christmas Pageant dress rehearsals, and ballet classes.  I still can smell my dad's coffee and taste Mama's oatmeal, full of chunky apples. Thanksgiving could not have been any sweeter.  Loving on the littlest grandchild, amazing food, and family pictures.  The bond of cousins, birthday presents with Joe Joe's, tears over an early Christmas, and the smile of a not-so-sleepy little one.

The airport can bring such joy and such sorrow.  The thrill of the airplanes, the sights and smells...  Even though saying good-bye is never easy, there is such hope in knowing this wasn't a final farewell.  They will visit and we will too one day.  Technology is amazing... how blessed we are to live in this day and age.

As we approach one of the most anticipated days of the year, my prayer is for hope.  Hope when we all are hurting...  Hope for what is eternal...  Hope when we lose sight...  

Hold your loved ones tight.
Don't put off spending time with them.
Call more and smile often.
Never take them for granted.
Be willing to obey.


  1. You make it so difficult to type through tears. Obedience is never easy and seldom fun but the eternal rewards are out of this world. Right now as I look over at "Nana" who has been up since 1:00 AM and I, fighting the flu/cold surrounded by a mound of wet tissues, we so appreciate your positive and encouraging words! Please write and remind us often that yes, we did the right thing! We love you all so very much!

    1. Daddy, now you're going to make me cry! Thank you again for being such an amazing example to all of us of what following Christ is really about. Love you both so much!