Saturday, August 17, 2013

A New School Year Begins

Ready or not, school began again this past week in the Middleton house!  I don't think that I'll ever feel completely ready as each new year comes.  The books were ready (not completely reviewed by the teacher), the school room was cleaned up (still upstairs, but that's ok), and the girls were excited (at least, for now...).  Their new school supplies were not as thrilling this year, but I didn't want a lot of extra stuff that we just didn't need.  The girls were appreciative as always though.  Principal Daddy wasn't able to be there for our first day, but left a great note on the chalkboard for them to see when they woke up.

Sophie constantly amazes us with her energy and attitude.  It rolls like the tide.  You just never know.  We'll  do some basic ABC's, numbers, and shapes with her this year, nothing formal.  I hope to incorporate her big sisters helping her at times throughout the school day to allow more one on one time with each of them.  When she grows up, she wants to be a ballerina (she was wearing her tu-tu at the time, of course!)

Naomi is our little mystery.  She has the sweetest heart and would give anything for someone in need.  We are still figuring out her learning style and pray through each day, taking it all step by step.  Right now, her goal in life is to fly airplanes and take care of children.

Chloe is growing up way too fast.  I now feel out of my league as a teacher!  Her love for reading keeps the roads hot from our house to the library, where she now has her own library card (a prized possession!).  I am looking forward to studying more American History with her (and the two younger ones), relearning the 50 states & their capitals, and finally learning our nation's presidents.  Chloe wants to be a zoologist when she grows up.

Our girls 100%!

Not every part of the first day was peachy keen.  
Cleaning up legos can be soooo hard!  (Did I mention attitude?)

I am not fond of science, so I picked one that I wanted to study this year. If the teacher is excited, then the students will catch the same enthusiasm.  (I hope...)  I really am excited to study Astronomy (with a Christian perspective) through Apologia.  The girls have their own notebooks and seem to enjoy it so far.

Trying to make the first day as fun as possible, we made tie-dye shirts with sharpies during rest time.  They were so much fun!  Here's a great tutorial!  Bowling came later, thanks to free kids bowling and coupons!  Both of these were on our summer bucket list, but we just never had the time to do.  Better late than never!

Our first day was far from perfect.  Patience waned while irritation stepped in at times.  Coffee was greatly appreciated, morning and afternoon.  Even a cat nap was accomplished for mom towards the end of the t-shirt dyeing.  Overall though, we made it and I am still so thankful for the opportunity and strength to teach my girls at home.  It is an honor, a choice, and a calling by God for our family (at least for this year) that I do not take lightly.  I couldn't do it without my husband's support and constant encouragement.  

Morning by morning, His mercies are new... 


  1. Emma cherishes her library card too, Chloe! Praying you have an awesome year, Amy.

    1. Thank you dear friend! Praying for you too!