Monday, June 10, 2013

13 years ago...

13 years ago... a twenty year old girl & twenty-two year guy said "I do" and committed to stay faithful to each other in sickness & in health, in good times & bad, till death do they part.  

By God's amazing grace, we are still holding true to that same commitment.  There are days when it hasn't been as easy as others, but the thought of not being together isn't even considered.  There is no one in this world whom I'd rather talk to, vacation with, minister beside, and raise our precious girls with.  Marty Middleton, you changed my life when I met you in 1995.  You have always said that God brought me all the way from Japan to be your wife, but I think He had just as much a part in keeping you in North Carolina rather than moving to New York.  How glad I am!

 Our life together continues to amaze me!  I cannot wait to travel with you to Ecuador next week!  It will by no means be an "anniversary" type trip, but I pray it will bring us closer than ever before.  Thank you for loving me when I've been unlovable, for forgiving me again and again, for being such an incredible father to our girls, and for leading our home in the direction God is leading. 

 Happy Anniversary, Marty!  I love you so very much!

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