Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Happy" Holidays?

In a little less than two weeks, one of the most anticipated days in the life of a child will be here.... at least for my children.  We count down the days.  I pray that everything will be bought, sewn, and wrapped in time.  Every year I desire for a stress-free Christmas, yet I still want to do all the activities and ideas that I find on Pinterest that make me think we have to experience in order to have the "perfect" Christmas.  Once again, this "peaceful" season has been anything but full of peace.  

It amazes me how much our children sense in our tones and reactions in life.  Sophie's favorite question these days is "Mommy, you happy?"  Of course, I try to answer yes.  Sometimes, it's more like, "I'd be happier if you'd eat your supper. or I'm happy to be in the car... finally!"  But her question has really caused me to think.  I've been so busy going to Christmas functions, shopping, trying to make Christmas crafts to go along with our advent, trying to do random acts of kindness for others, in hopes that it might teach my girls something about the real meaning of Christmas.  But I'm tired...  With the warm weather and running around ragged, I've yet to sit back and enjoy the moment.  So, today... I choose to let it go.  There will still be moments of stress and times that I lose my temper, but I want to enjoy these next two weeks with my family.  I want to read for the fun of it and give to others because we truly desire to, not just because a list.  

Happy Moments of Christmas...
  • my sweet mama sewing Christmas skirts with my littlest
  • coloring or crafting 5 out of 12 days of our advent ornaments
  • bonfire & Christmas cookies
  • seeing Christmas lights as a family 
  • walking through our neighborhood with friends 
  • being blessed at the mall by someone else's random act of kindness of quarter's & masking tape on bubble gum machines
  • visiting grandparents
  • the first Christmas presents under the tree wrapped by my oldest
  • meeting neighbors over cookies

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