Saturday, October 29, 2011

When life gives you lemons, you make buckwheat pumpkin cinnamon rolls?

I was so excited last night at the thought of making healthy pumpkin cinnamon rolls, vegan too, I might add.  But after I mixed the dry ingredients together, I noticed the flour had an interesting smell.  Then I read the tag on my flour bag... buckwheat flour... oh... So I gave it a shot.  

Well, needless to say, the response from my children was not so good this morning.  Chloe enjoyed the powdered sugar icing and the cinnamon filling.  Naomi took one look and not a bite.  Sophie ate half of hers, but she is like her mother and will eat almost anything, even if it tastes like cardboard.  So, I'll try it again one day, but next time without the buckwheat flour.  (I'll most likely try my cream cheese icing instead of the plain powdered sugar icing too, in which it will no longer be vegan.  Oh well!)

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